Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tubes, truths and trials

It would say a lot about a man who already had fathered a child from unprotected intercourse, that he would be nearing his fifties without ever having learned to use a condom

It would say a lot about a man that he would cancel his subscription to the Wellness Newsletter because it reported, without any ambiguity, that there is no health-related reason to prevent a man from having a vasectomy, a safer procedure than tubal ligation

It would say a lot about a man that his wife nearing her fifties, after years taking the pill, after years wearing a coil, after years bearing children, would have to suggest that to prevent another pregnancy, it should now be his turn to be responsible for contraception, if he cannot forego his sexual expectations

It would say a lot about a man should he refuse and then accuse that she’s cold and uncaring and in need of sexual healing for her problems and her choices

It would say women’s bodies, women’s issues, are women’s problems
Especially if he were to joke, "You'll be pregnant in no time"
Especially if he were to protest, “I never told anyone I was a feminist”

I have never known that man